Notary of Florida, Vicente López, Buenos Aires, Argentine, Registry Nº 95 - Digital signature

Enseñat Notary, Florida, Vicente López, Buenos Aires, Argentine - Digital signature

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Enseñat Notary of Florida, Vicente López, Buenos Aires, Argentina; Register No. 95 - Specialized attention to companies


Registry number 95

San Martín Avenue 2995, Florida,

Vicente Lopez District, Buenos Aires, Argentina

 Phones:  +54 9 11 4761-6266 / +54 9 11 4730-0862 /

+54 11 5435-1523 / +54 11 5435-1524

 This public notary resumed its activity with a shift system; To obtain it call 4761-6266 (click). The use of face masks is mandatory, in compliance with the established sanitary protocol.

You can also make your inquiry by email to

 It's open:  Monday through Friday from 09:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

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